Paul Haines

NRA and USCCA certified


is our Priority.

Meet Paul Haines founder and Chief Instructor for Six Star Tactical Training.

Paul is a former Police Officer, Police Academy Instructor and currently is certified by both the NRA and USCCA as an instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Six Star was founded on the belief that all responsibly armed citizens need to be trained to safely handle their legally obtained firearms for both self defense and enjoying the shooting sports.

Six Star Tactical Training was founded and developed to help the responsibly armed citizen get the most out of their firearms and training. Six Star Tactical Training provides firearms training for both the beginner and veteran shooter. We offer classes from basic pistol to advanced concealed carry and pistol shooting techniques.  Our introductory class combines the fundamentals of basic pistol, home defense, and concealed carry.  Our other courses build on this solid foundation.

Six Star Tactical: We Got Your Six

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